KB Paradise V60 Dolch | non-backlit (CherryMX switch)

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KB Paradise V60 Dolch | non-backlit (CherryMX switch)


Save an amazing amount of desk space and enjoy the pleasure of 60% keyboards. The V60 from Keyboard Paradise will not disappoint. All KBP keyboards are made from¬†high-quality components in Taiwan.¬†There’s nothing but love poured into making the widest V60 selection available for you.

The V60 comes with a comprehensive dipswitch to adjust the modifier key location, FN key and more. You do not require any software, everything is housed in the keyboard with a Mini-USB connection.

These are the last stock left with Blue tactile/clicky switches and TaiHao Dolch keycaps.

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Product Description


  • Form factor: 60%
  • Switch: Cherry MX blue
  • Keycaps: Tai-Hao double-shot ABS Dolch theme
  • Backlight: Non-backlight
  • Layout: Standard rows – US ANSI only
  • Dip switch: Yes – See instructions
  • Key-rollover: NKRO
  • Dimension:

Included in the box:

  • V60 keyboard
  • Mini-USB cable






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