KB Paradise V60 MTS | non-backlit (Matias/Fukka switch)

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KB Paradise V60 MTS | non-backlit (Matias/Fukka switch)


Save an amazing amount of desk space and enjoy the pleasure of 60% keyboards. The V60 from Keyboard Paradise will not disappoint. All KBP keyboards are made from high-quality components in Taiwan. There’s nothing but love poured into making the widest V60 selection available for you.

The V60 comes with a comprehensive dipswitch to adjust the modifier key location, FN key and more. It also comes with additional keycaps to accommodate those changes, including the CMD key for MAC users  (See the specifications for more information). You do not require any software, everything is housed in the keyboard with a Mini-USB connection.

This version is Non-backlit and houses the option for Front printed or Top printed keycaps.

The V60 MTS feature Matias or Fukka (Fuhua) Alps switches. These are not easy to get your hands on and now come in an amazing 60% layout. To top it off you can also get it with vintage keycaps. The Fukka (Fuhua) is only available with the Vintage keycaps.

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Product Description


  • Form factor: 60%
  • Switch: Matias / Fukka (Fuhua)
  • Keycaps: ABS black / Tai-Hao Vintage – Laser etched
  • Legend print: Top/ front print
  • Backlight: Non-backlight
  • Layout: Standard rows – US ANSI
  • Dip switch: Yes – See instructions
  • Key-rollover: NKRO
  • Dimension:

Included in the box:

  • V60 keyboard
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Additional keys
    • ESC, FN, ALT, CMD
    • FN for caps
    • FN for left shift
    • CTRL for left shift
    • Tab for bottom row

The Matias switch:




Additional Information

Printed Side

Front Printed, Top Printed

Alps switches

Fukka (Fuhua) Clicky/Tactile, Matias Click, Matias Quite, Matias Quite Linear


Black Keycaps, Vintage Keycaps


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